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Explore coffees with a range of dynamic flavors and aromas. Our coffees are carefully roasted to showcase the inherent flavors expressed by each variety.

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Our Approach

Retrograde is a specialty roastery proudly based in Nashville, TN. Our approach is to source coffees that reveal something special about a specific time and place in nature. We strive to showcase distinctive varieties that have been handled with a reverence for natural nuance in growing conditions, as well as for the land supporting the plant and grower. We source mostly washed green coffees as its processing helps retain the seed's inherent flavors and aromas giving exceptional clarity in each cup.

About Our Cafes

Retrograde was founded on a passion for building community. Each cafe is meant to be a neighborhood stop–and a reflection of each community it supports. Coffee is central to so much of what we do in life. It’s a conversation starter, a reason to meet, a moment of quiet reflection and a savory way to start our day. In addition to distinctive roasted coffees, our cafes serve up house-made sourdough bagels and Dozen Bakery pastries, among a wide range of elevated breakfast and lunch menu items.

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